COVID-19 Updates

August 18, 2020 

From the Blog:

We are so excited to share that we are, in fact, still booking! Yes, it is more complicated than we would like, but we wanted to take a moment today to share with you the good news: there IS a way to retreat right now. (Yes! NOW.)


1. We are booking small groups.

What does that exactly mean? Is there a maximum number of guests? Well, it just depends on what kind of group you want to bring… All men? Couples? Youth group? We don’t have a cap number, but rather a floating limitation that moves and changes depending on your group’s makeup and how your group plans to lodge and/or gather. We have cabins, RV hookups, tent sites, and several meeting spaces - both inside and outside. Waukaway has a lot of options that can be discussed in order to determine the best accommodations for your group while still honoring the governor's recommendations.

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2. We are booking families.


Previous to this pandemic, we were unable to book families as we chose to prioritize ministry groups. While that is still the heart of our mission, we are opening up that particular restriction as a response to our calendar being open, but also seeing it as a very real need that we can meet: a safe place for families to get away.

3. We are also booking groups with creative scheduling.

Maybe you don’t have a “small group” - but your group is ready to grow through a retreat. Well, we might be able to work out plans with you to accommodate. We are equipped to serve groups that are willing to work within the “cohort” setup - where cabin groups function as self-contained units, limiting exposure and risk. If your group is able to function and benefit from this setup, then you may not need to wait until the “all clear” to retreat. *To us, this is one way to really help meet the needs of teens and young adults during this time.


The best way to hash out the details is to give us a call. Our director, Terry Hurst will be fielding every call and will answer all of your questions with clarity and insight. Our deepest desire is to meet needs, but we will not lower our own sanitation standards simply to book. Your safety is number one. If we can’t serve your group safely, we won’t do it. But we deeply desire to see our facility serving our community during this time.

Give us a call today at (601) 787-3100.

God bless you and keep you safe.
May it all be for His glory.

June 4, 2020 

After much debate and prayerful consideration, all events and guest group retreats scheduled through August 7th are cancelled. This includes all summer camps, retreats, and Open Weekend (scheduled for June 26th and 27th). This is a weighty decision that has great ramifications for all of our guests and ministry partners, so please pray for all groups affected. We will continue to serve as we can and look forward to possible off-season retreats if allowed by easing state/local COVID-19 guidelines, and to next summer's events with an extra year of anticipation.

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May 11, 2020 

We have made the difficult decision to cancel all Waukaway programmed camps for this year. (This includes Teen Camp, Program Camps 1 & 2, and our Great Kids Camp.) Please pray for those that are impacted by this decision. It is a great loss for many ministries, groups, and churches that join us for these events.

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April 8, 2020 

​***The information below and in the video will continue to be updated as the pandemic situation continues to evolve.***


First, we want to thank you for taking the time to connect with us. We also want to sincerely thank you for all of your support through the MANY years Waukaway Springs has been a landmark and important business to the surrounding areas, both as a historic public swimming and recreation area, and now as a Christian Retreat Center. We are so blessed to have a huge group of faithful returning churches, ministries, staff members, board members, and people we see yearly at Open To The Public weekend - for each and every one of you we are deeply thankful. 

In response to the current advisory recommendations, we have made the decision to cancel all retreats and events scheduled during April. This date may or may not be extended as needed. Our Board of Directors is meeting virtually on a weekly basis to continue to address our situation and how we will proceed in future months.


No guests means that our ministry is greatly hindered at best. The best service and ministry we offer is our property, the ability to bring people together, and creating short-term, life-changing, Christ-centered communities. This is all temporarily on hold, and it is devastating for all of us here. This loss is deeply felt.


No guests also means no income. The month of April is off the books, but we know that our whole summer programming is in jeopardy. Our summer events account for 72% of our annual income. That loss is not something that we can easily absorb. 


But there are ways that you can help. 

  • We encourage you to follow us and stay connected as we will be updating through social media, emails, and phone calls. 

  • Give generously. There are many of you that may be in a position where you are able to give - we just ask that you consider Waukaway as you go to God asking where to give. You can give here, mail in a check, or call us to make other arrangements.

  • We do also ask for you to pray for us as we do everything we can to be wise, faithful, and safe as we continue to make plans for when we are able to serve guests again.

Finally, we want to share how we want to serve in the meantime.

  • We have already begun sharing some digital resources (such as printable journaling sheets, activities for your kids to do, and teambuilding ideas) and have plans to continue to release more on a regular basis. 

  • We are looking into hosting web conferences for ministry leaders. More details to come soon. 

  • And lastly, we will continue to work the plan. We want to serve our guests and we are doing everything we can to improve the grounds, facilities, and programming while guests are not present. 


God is good. He is still faithful, and I pray we can be faithful too.
God bless.