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Long time, no blog

Oh man! The past six months or so have been something! (I know we don’t need to try to convince you, I imagine you feel the same way.) It’s fascinating to see how things change with the seasons, and the past few months have definitely been a season to remember.

In our last blog post, we asked for you to join us in praying that God would bring exactly the right service-minded people here that He wants to use to bless our guests with retreat experiences free from distractions.” As God often does, he has fulfilled that prayer in ways that are, indeed, “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)

  • Jiggy joined our year-round team in September and has done a phenomenal job scheduling and working with groups to help them plan and execute high-quality retreats. She also has worked tirelessly on bookkeeping, staffing retreats, helping connect with and interview potential summer staffers, maintaining communications with returning staff members, and in general bringing her contagious joy with her in literally everything she does—yes, including cleaning cabins.

  • That same September, we were looking to fill an open Maintenance Technician spot. Chris Sykes joined our team in November and has done a remarkable job jumping in and getting to work on so, so many projects. He has an unstoppable, upbeat attitude, even when things go sideways (hello, plumbing). We are proud to have him on our team and we believe he will be instrumental in helping our guests have a positive, safe, and comfortable experience here.

  • Most recently, we were finally able to tackle the Program Director position (which had been in our desires and prayers since before the onset of Covid back in early 2020). Our calm, yet adventurous, summer Program Director from 2021, Woods, was hired on February 1st to now fill this role in a full-time, year-round capacity. He also decided to join us as a newlywed—to Jiggy! They were married at a private ceremony on Jan. 22nd, and upon returning from their honeymoon, jumped into the proverbial “deep end” of working together. We pray they have a smooth transition to both married life and coworker life. (Anyone else work with their spouse? You know it takes a special kind of grace and grit.)

You can read a little more about our staff here, on our updated “Meet the Team” page. God seems to enjoy inviting us, fallen but redeemed people, to join Him in His work, bringing the world into freedom in Him. We feel the significance and responsibility of this distinct privilege and pray every day for God’s will to be done here.

Our prayer request from you now is to join us in asking for wisdom: to be able to “test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will,” (Romans 12:2) and to then to do it. For God’s glory here, amen!

- Prism

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