This year has been quite a journey, hasn’t it? As the world thaws from the many ways that “normal” activity was frozen in time, we are observing three things: 


  • People need a pause. Everything with the pandemic, political climate, and just regular life has been so much more exhausting than before. The constant risk assessment and broadening understanding gaps are taxing. We need a break from screens, a break from multitasking, a break from the tension… a breath, a pause.

  • People also are craving real connection with safe friends. Some have adapted to long-term working from home situations where connections are less easily attained, others have experienced the pain of inauthentic friendships that didn’t last through this difficult year. We want people that want to be with us, and where we can be fully ourselves in every, sometimes ugly, way.

  • Lastly, people are hungry for spiritual growth and healing. Many of us have had our faith reconstructed during this time, others are met with unanswered questions they don’t know what to do with. 


Short-term retreats offer these three things in a way that is unmatched. Retreats here provide the pause and space needed to rest in Christ; they provide space for authentic, vulnerable connections in a safe space; and retreats here clear the stage for God to show up with His powerful gifts of love and healing.


Will you join us as we work to meet these critical needs as we serve the guests that come retreat at Waukaway? Your gifts will be honored and used with a tender respect for your sacrifice and partnership. 


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