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Work at Waukaway: Welcome
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Maybe you've heard these statements before, or perhaps they are your thoughts too! This is precisely where Waukaway Springs comes in: to facilitate and clear the hurdles for groups wanting to break away from the hassles of daily life, connect with their faith community, and grow in their discipleship journey with Christ.


As many consider their end of year giving, we invite you to join us in God's work here at Waukaway. We ask for your financial support as we enter the new year and a season of eagerly anticipated infrastructure renewal. We have aging systems that are in need of some upgrades (wells and waste management), and our beloved cabins are starting to show their natural age. We are eager to address these needs as the impacts of Covid have complicated our timeline on these renovations for a few years now.


Will you join us as we raise the necessary funds to help set the stage for God's work here? Your gifts will be used to renew the facilities and systems we depend on for the comfort and ease of the ministry done here, for God's glory!

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