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What are your prices/rates?

Our prices are based on a cost calculation worksheet designed to help each group hit their goals and budget. Lodging, meals, and activities are all a part of that worksheet and is highly customizable. Contact our Guest Coordinator so she can walk you through the options and come up with a game plan and estimate for your group's needs.


Can we pick our menu?

As a way of being good stewards of our resources and to keep food waste down, menus are set by our director based on supply and needs. We do not currently have a way of providing for every kind of dietary restriction, so please let us know if there are any specific allergies in your group. We are not a peanut-free facility, but we do not use peanut products in our kitchen.

How do you do lodging?

Groups are assigned lodging based on needs and availability. We have 27 cabin rooms, in several different arrangements and locations. We plan one room for every 8 guests of a biological sex. Additional rooms can be added for a small private room fee. Family groups should discuss with our Guest Coordinator about lodging needs. We also ask for at least 1 chaperone per 7 minors of a specific biological sex.

Do you have a map?

We do! Click here to view a map of the main camp area and primary buildings. 

What should I bring?

Click here to see a printable packing list.

Where can we park when we arrive?

Parking is limited and we ask that you do not park vehicles in our center area/unloading zone when groups are present as we use that area to gather. Staff will be present to answer parking questions during arrival. There are parking areas behind some of our cabins, and beyond the Cedars Dining Hall, if needed. See our map for reference. 

What are the camp rules?

Click here for the rules.

Can we swim while we are there?

We only allow swimming during our summer season, and only during scheduled swim times. We require lifeguard supervision for your safety. Any unauthorized swimming is strictly prohibited. 

Can visitors come to see and/or swim in the lake?

We would love to have visitors schedule a time to see our property, but cannot allow unaccompanied visitors at our facility while we are hosting a group as they deserve our undivided attention during their retreat. Our guests deserve safety and privacy, so we ask that you only visit if you have a scheduled appointment. Unauthorized and/or unsupervised swimming can be extremely dangerous, and so for your safety, unauthorized swimming is strictly prohibited.


*Please do keep an eye out for our Open To The Public Weekend (near July 4th annually): at that time we offer two days of public swimming at a small entrance fee, and food items available for purchase. Check our Events page for date releases, and our social media platforms for more info. 

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