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Great Kids!

We've got one last exciting date release: GREAT KIDS CAMP will be June 23-24! This is one of the highlights of our summer and it just keeps getting better year after year.

Great Kids Camp is a very special overnight camp that is offered FREE to qualifying groups of kids. This is a chance for kids who may not always have as many opportunities to join in on camp fun and hear about Jesus and salvation in a setting perfect for connection and change.

We are welcoming back our very own Jontrell "Freight Train" Hill as our guest speaker and we KNOW the Great Kids in your life will connect with him and learn about Jesus as he passionately shares the gospel and disciples our young brothers and sisters.

Let us know you’re interested in bringing your group online here or you can call or email with any questions: (601) 787-3100,

Want to get involved? We are always looking to connect with volunteers and donors. Let us know you would like to serve here or click here to donate and help support this incredible event.

Bringing a group? Check out our church marketing materials available here. We've prepared full-page flyers, half-page style bulletin inserts, and a slide image that you can add your contact info to in order to get your group on the same page for registration.

We can't wait to see you here!

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