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An Interview with Jiggy

Our last post introduced our Summer Program Director, Woods, and now we are pleased to introduce this summer’s Waterfront Director: JIGGY! This will be Jiggy’s third year with us. She is a standout in joy and enthusiasm. Here we go!


Let’s start off with introductions:

Hi, my name is Jiggy and I will be the 2021 Waterfront Director. I love going to different places to let my creativity flow. I let it come out in many ways such as doodling, writing, and dancing— hence the name Jiggy. I will always push those around me to see things from a different perspective and encourage them to have fun and enjoy the little things in life!

What does the Waterfront Director do?

At Waukaway, the Waterfront Director keeps the waterfront organized, safe, and ready for campers. I am so excited to lead lifeguard training and to have the responsibility of making sure our waterfront is safe for everyone all summer long.

What led you to serve in this position?

I wanted this role because during my first year as a summer staffer in 2019 I saw Mustard lead waterfront with great integrity. It encouraged me to do the best I can, and to be joyful while doing it! I loved being a lifeguard and I had always wanted this opportunity to teach our new staff, to refresh our returning staff, but also to really grow myself while serving in this position.

What makes you excited for Summer 2021?

This summer I am excited to welcome back our amazing staff and guests! Waukaway is the calm for me in the storm that is the world—a place where I can really get close with God in such a special, beautiful environment. I knew Waukaway would change my life after serving the guests, watching them encounter God, and learning about keeping a childlike faith. I love the opportunities to learn more from my brothers and sisters, and I can’t wait for the campers to jump into that refreshing Waukaway water!

What is your favorite activity at Waukaway?

My favorite activity would be leading a group of campers and guests in creating a chant to run through our trails with—we always have the most creative people and it is always different. I also love being able to see them bond so well with each other, and, on our way back to the cabins, hearing their conversations about what they have talked about during sessions and small groups. And hearing everyone's voices after screaming their color—It all fills me with joy! On a day off, I will usually sneak out into the woods, listen to music, and lay in a hammock enjoying the beautiful environment. If not in the hammock, I will be at the Waterfront enjoying the company of who I get to call family for the summer.

How can we support you in prayer leading up to and through this summer?

I would appreciate prayer and agreement for a safe and smooth summer. I know that we are all here for a reason, so please pray for the staff as we go through our training weeks for strength, unity, and for resilience. This summer amazing things are going to happen for the kingdom of God, let’s do this!


We are so grateful for Jiggy, her contagious energy, and her deep love for our guests. We cannot wait to see her shine in this new role this summer. It’s going to be a great one!

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