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Booking NOW

We are so excited to share that we are, in fact, still booking! Yes, it is more complicated than we would like, but we wanted to take a moment today to share with you the good news: there IS a way to retreat right now. (Yes! NOW.)

  1. We are booking small groups. What does that exactly mean? Is there a maximum number of guests? Well, it just depends on what kind of group you want to bring… All men? Couples? Youth group? We don’t have a cap number, but rather a floating limitation that moves and changes depending on your group’s makeup and how your group plans to lodge and/or gather. We have cabins, RV hookups, tent sites, and several meeting spaces - both inside and outside. Waukaway has a lot of options that can be discussed in order to determine the best accommodations for your group while still honoring the governor's recommendations.

  2. We are booking families. Previous to this pandemic, we were unable to book families as we chose to prioritize ministry groups. While that is still the heart of our mission, we are opening up that particular restriction as a response to our calendar being open, but also seeing it as a very real need that we can meet: a safe place for families to get away.

  3. We are also booking groups with creative scheduling. Maybe you don’t have a “small group” - but your group is ready to grow through a retreat. Well, we might be able to work out plans with you to accommodate. We are equipped to serve groups that are willing to work within the “cohort” setup - where cabin groups function as self-contained units, limiting exposure and risk. If your group is able to function and benefit from this setup, then you may not need to wait until the “all clear” to retreat. *To us, this is one way to really help meet the needs of teens and young adults during this time.

The best way to hash out the details is to give us a call. Our director, Terry Hurst will be fielding every call and will answer all of your questions with clarity and insight. Our deepest desire is to meet needs, but we will not lower our own sanitation standards simply to book. Your safety is number one. If we can’t serve your group safely, we won’t do it. But we deeply desire to see our facility serving our community during this time. Give us a call today at (601) 787-3100.

God bless you and keep you safe. May it all be for His glory.

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