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Deeply Rooted Values

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

If you’ve been with us since we re-launched our blog, you already know a little bit about why we do what we do here: we put all of our energy toward loving God and loving people through this unique ministry. Today it’s all about our “how.”

The values we hold to are like the root system of a tree. They are the system that holds our ministry, our staff, our events in line. So here it is: our deeply rooted values.

Our taproot: God First

  • God is the only One worthy of first place in our hearts, schedules, actions, and words.


  • Authentic, vulnerable community is not an option. We must connect to each other, build each other up, tear down walls, and lean on each other to navigate the trails of life.


  • We passionately value our guests as more than just our family. Showing God’s love through our service, we strive to do everything we can to help your ministry succeed.


  • Jesus didn’t have leadership development courses - He created disciples. We follow the only Leader worth following, and model that devotion to others.


  • God anoints those who gather in unity. He has defined our mission, and as one body, we refuse to be divided or side-tracked.

Serve with Excellence

  • We urgently seek opportunities to serve with excellence as an act of worship.

Everything we do here has eternal potential, so we cling tightly to these guiding principles.

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