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Digital Ministry?

One of the things we are deeply passionate about is partnering with other ministries to help them meet their needs and ministry goals. Well, a lot has changed over the past few weeks for ministry leaders and we want to come beside you and provide a chance for a different kind of “short term community” (this time, a webchat) in order for information to be shared and strategies highlighted.

This is not intended to be a webinar, where one speaker is presenting material, but rather a roundtable discussion. Each member will be welcome to share, comment, and ask questions. The webchat will officially end at 11:30, but can go longer if needed.

Please register and pass this information along to others. We are stronger together and this is a unique opportunity to share cross-denominationally. You do not need to have been a Waukaway guest and the webchat is 100% free. There will be no sales-pitches (we can’t have you here right now even if you wanted to!).

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