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Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving looks a little different, but I propose that maybe it’s not all a bad thing… Here are the top five things we are thankful for this year:

  1. We are thankful for God’s provision. It’s kind of a Christian-y phrase, so let me say it simpler: God has given us enough. Sometimes in our first-world culture, people seem to think God has to provide everything (they want...) if he is indeed God… He doesn’t. He provides enough to be just right. Only He has the wisdom to know what that looks like, and the foresight to tell us “no” when He knows we need to hear it. So: God has provided enough, and we are so very thankful.

  2. We are thankful for God’s Word, the Bible. From the first words written to the very last, we see how God loves on people that are experiencing great, significant trials. He is tender, patient, firm, and also Holy—which makes some parts of the Bible mountains that are incredibly hard to navigate. But He whispers to us that we can make it, we are loved and cherished and SEEN. (Looking for a place to start or restart? Read the book of Psalms. See which one you resonate with now, or maybe it's easier to pick one you don’t.)

  3. We are thankful for creation. I, Prism, am fairly worked up by, well, All The Things of 2020, pick your favorite. One thing I have done, and continue to do as regularly as I can, is to let God’s breath-taking creation perform daily miracles—helping me connect with Him, my own breathing, and clear my head. I know some of you don’t have the convenience of hiking trails at your disposal, but we all have ways to access nature (or close): an open window, a photo of your favorite beach, a nature sounds app or video, a fresh bouquet on the table, etc. We’re earthlings, custom-designed to function well interacting with this Earth—it’s life-giving and connects us with our Creator, what could be better?

  4. We are thankful for technology. We’ve been through the ups and downs of alllllll the Zoom calls to know that a mug that says “You’re Muted" might be a good investment. Is Zoom the same as a real-life-fleshy-face-to-fleshy-face-I-can-tell-you-didn’t-brush-your-teeth conversation with someone? No. Not in the slightest, but it does mean that we can at least do SOME of the things we want to do. Small groups, interviews, training, and board meetings have all been able to continue despite the situation we find ourselves in, and that is something to be very thankful for.

  5. Last, but certainly not least in the slightest, we are thankful for YOU. If you’re reading this blog (and kudos to you for getting this far), YOU are still here, connecting with us and believing and hoping with us for a moment when the light turns fully green and we can run again. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. We love you and truly mean that.

Give thanks to God with us, and have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

P.S. Kodak is also thankful for baked goods, but that didn’t make the cut.

- Prism

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