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People, people, people!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Our last blog post explained just the beginning of our “Why”, so today we are going to touch briefly on our “Whos”, starting with some introductions.

There have been a few changes with regard to our staff, so we want to let you know a little more about who we are, so when you come, call, or email, you can start to put faces to names, and maybe even a little more.


Karen and Charlie

Let’s start with Karen, aka Kaleidoscope. Karen is our veteran Waukaway staff member and she knows evvveryone. (Or it seems that way to us!) She is our Volunteer and Donor Coordinator, but has filled nearly every role here at one point or another. She is an abundantly loving person - she literally may make you feel more loved than your own mother does! Karen is married to the charming Radar/Charlie (who just recently retired!), and spends half her time here, and half her time traveling with him all over the state loving on people and taking care of their rental properties.


Dustin and Anna

Next up: Anna, aka Ghillie. Anna is our Guest Coordinator and is the one who organizes and arranges everything… our finances, our calendar/bookings, our staffing, etc. She is the brains behind the rhythm of Waukaway. She has been working at Waukaway since she was 16 - that’s commitment, right there! She has three babies: Dean (Great Dane), Max (German Shepherd), and Dustin (hubby of less than a year, lol). Don’t let her Southern charm fool ya, she’s got a degree in psychology with a double minor in criminal justice and business, so she’s got you all figured out.



Moving onto our favorite little green lizard, Chameleon (Nic). He is a man of mystery, but also of a tremendous servant’s heart. He is officially our main man for maintenance, but he takes care of so much more. He is always game to do whatever is needed and never complains. He is never seen without a smile, and truly loves going out of his way to take care of people. He is currently finishing up his schooling while working full time; did I mention his work ethic yet?


Trista, Sawyer, Carter, and Terry

Rounding the bend we get to Kodak, otherwise known as Terry. Terry is married to a fabulous, radiant woman, Prism/Trista; who happens to be partnering with Waukaway to do their social media, graphic design, and blogs, lol. (So I’ll leave that there and get back to talking about my husband.) As our Interim Director, Kodak is the bearded guy who is always up for some fun, especially if it is a little mischievous. He is an aggressive reader, active learner, and obsessive “developer” (thus, the name). He takes great pains to continue to learn and grow, and passionately seeks out opportunities to coach his team to do the same. He has 2 kiddos, 4 and 2, so he (and I) need your prayers. (I’m only slightly kidding.)


We are all here because we love God, and love how we get to serve God’s people at Waukaway. We each have story after story of how camping/Waukaway has changed our lives, but I’ll save some of those for another post.

We pray we get the chance to get to know you all and to welcome you into the Waukaway family.

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