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Powerful People

If you joined us for our men’s retreat last month, then you’ve already gotten a taste of the concept of being powerful people because of who our Powerful Father is. You see, God created humanity to be image-bearers of Him. This means we are like little living snapshots of this All-Powerful Commander of Angel Armies, the Un-Created One, The First and The Last, the King Forever… Just little pieces of Him, walking around with human bodies, all reflecting parts of Him; powerful God-like parts, but still human and un-perfected somehow.

Can this really mean that we are far more powerful (men and women alike, btw) than we could ever realize? In The Weight Of Glory*, C.S. Lewis makes a case that if we were to EVER realize how incredible this human quality of God-likeness actually is, we may be tempted to kneel down and worship the human sitting next to you. He challenges us to consider the fact that we’ve never talked to a “mere mortal,” not really anyway, because we have a divine holiness. He says there are no “ordinary people” - not when we all bear the image of God Himself.

God created us this way and found great pleasure in making us reflect His power. So what do we do with that?

We need to recognize His power first.

  • Is there anything you think God can’t handle?

  • Is there a pattern of behaviors in your life that either testify to that belief, or are there areas you still think you need to handle yourself?

Then we have to reckon with our own identity of being an image-bearer.

  • What identity have you embraced?

  • Does your view of your identity connect to your job, something you did in your past, the current state of your finances, etc.? Or does it come from your Heavenly Father’s acceptance of you because of Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf?

  • What would it look like in your life to re-brand yourself, so to speak, as a forgiven and loved child of God?

If you believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection is payment for your sins, and that God no longer holds them against You, then you are a Child of God and able to tap into the power of FREE LIFE that God offers His children.

You, and that strange person you work with (or are married to), both reflect this amazing God. It’s a holy power that, as the cliche goes, does come with immense responsibility, BUT we are equipped with the Spirit, the body of Christ (the church), and by the Word of God (the Bible) as we “train” to handle this role God gave us.

More power to ya’. (Seriously.)

*A short excerpt from the book can be viewed here.

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