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One moment I was zoned in, prepping my daughter’s room to paint her walls a combo of seafoam green and pale pink (my art degree cast aside for her 5-year-old mermaid dreams); the next moment my vision is blurred and I’m feeling the walls to make it to the bathroom to figure out where the blood is coming from and why I can’t see straight.

I made an error in my judgment that impacted my life in significant ways. For one moment I chose an unnecessary risk (stacked stools…. I know, I know…) for short term-gain, and still bear the consequences four months later. My vision returned to normal within the hour, and after a visit to the ER, I came home humbled, my head embellished with six staples, and with the developing symptoms of a concussion. Oof. Medically, I’m “fine,” but mentally I know I’ll never be the same.

Can you relate?

While my story is a little silly, there is a lesson here beyond the physical: I lost sight of the bigger picture. I needed a vision for more than the next few moments.

I shared sparingly on social media since my accident and have struggled to catch up and fulfill my job and personal responsibilities. My injury kicked off a flurry of other medical complications. It’s been a journey and I’ve gotten quite lost more than a few times. My “vision” was blurred, and I needed those that spoke into me about the bigger picture. I borrowed their hope as I regained my footing.

At the end of August, the Board of Directors and the year-round staff met to review and revise our marching orders here as a ministry. We made minor changes to a few items (you can review them here); but the biggest change was to our vision statement:

Waukaway Springs seeks to impact our community through innovative Christ-centered services and the creation of meaningful relationships.

We partner with ministries to assist them in meeting their goals and help individuals take their next step on their discipleship journey.

What a blessing to have a renewed vision and great hope for the future of the ministry here!

Where are you going over the next three years? Will you take the next step in your discipleship journey? What is God’s vision for your life?

May God be blessed as we seek His Glory here!

- Prism

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