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Updates and Prayer Requests

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

We have a lot going on this month and wanted to share some updates with you, our supporters and partners in this ministry. We also have quite a few “big” items that we want to ask for your prayers for as we seek to know and do God’s will for each item.

  1. The year-round staff members are leaving today to go to the Deep South Sectional where we will have the opportunity to attend educational and networking sessions. We hope to gather as much as we can from this experience to bring back fresh ideas that will help us continue to grow in maturity and excellence. Please pray for us to be able to sort through the volume of information received at this event and apply it to Waukaway’s specific mission.

  2. Those that follow our social media account may have noticed we’ve advertised that we are looking to hire a new full-time position filling the role of Program Director. This position is critical as we look to expand the programming of Waukaway, and continue to increase the quality of the programming we already offer (summer camps, men’s and women’s retreats, etc.). This position will be only the fourth full-time staff member to our team, and will greatly impact all areas of God’s work here. Please pray that we connect with the right applicant and hire the best fit.

  3. In hiring another full-time staff member, we have to address the growing concern of staff spaces. From office space to housing, we are already beyond capacity. We can house 200+ guests, but are greatly lacking space to adequately house the staff those numbers require. Please pray as we begin the journey of funding and building homes for our staff that will increase retention and build the physical structure needed for expanding and improving the quality of Waukaway's ministry.

  4. We are also still looking to hire 5-10 more summer staffers. These individuals are the face of Waukaway for the kids and teens that join us on grounds beginning in May. We are looking for the best candidates that will positively add to the staff culture, be passionate about Jesus and able to guide a child to salvation, and willing to work hard no matter what the task. Please pray for the right people to apply and ultimately love on our kids this summer.

  5. Lastly, our themes are set and curriculum is being developed for each of our three distinct summer programmed camps: Great Kids Camp, Teen Camp, and Kids Program Camp. In our most recent years, these three camps have had very similar themes and teachings. This year, they will all be distinct and completely different. We are excited to do this because we know that each group will have a more individualized experience with better connection to the content. Please pray that we follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance and write content that will guide each group to see God’s love for them in an ever-increasing way.

Please join us in asking for God to make His desires known to us as we seek to honor Him in each of these important areas. Thank you for your continued support.

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