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Updates and Prayer Requests | Aug. 4th

We know many of you are sincerely vested in Waukaway and want to stay up to date with where we are at in the middle of this global pandemic. We preface this update with sincere praise to God, who by His abundant grace, offers us tremendous hope even as we walk through uncertain times. We are deeply convicted that He will be glorified, even through difficult circumstances, and we are excited to see how He will use even this situation to bring more people into His family.

  1. Personnel - As many of you know, Anna McCoy has taken the next step of her personal journey and moved closer to her and her husband’s hometown. She had been serving as our guest coordinator. We have decided to leave that position unfilled until funding becomes secure for that position. All guest relations are currently absorbed into Terry Hurst’s role as director. We are grateful that this is able to be done to conserve our limited resources at this time, but will become a need when our retreat calendar fills back up. Please pray for our staff as we adapt to fewer team members on an already small crew.

  2. Calendar - We have had a difficult time filling our retreat calendar. Because of the expenditures related to staffing lifeguards, we are unable to offer our waterfront to guests during this time. This has been a deterrent to the few guest groups who we might have otherwise been able to host (e.i. groups that are small enough for us to, in good conscience, host without violating the recommendations for group gatherings). We are looking at an unresolved summer 2021 schedule as well, which, in most years would be mostly booked by this point. Please pray for God to connect us with the right groups and in His timing.

  3. Finances - The loss of our summer activities is tremendous. Our summer activities account for 72% of our annual income, but we are also experiencing a distinct loss of fall retreats, and honestly, anticipate this continuing for the remainder of retreat season. This year’s financial burdens to groups themselves are likely going to affect next summer as well, even if we are all clear from a health standpoint. Many groups are simply not in the position to retreat right now considering their own limitations and desire to protect their people and finances. We respect this and know this is a reality that is difficult for their leadership and constituents alike. That being said, while ministry is certainly far more important than money, we also must reckon with the fact that we aren’t making ends meet. As it stands, we are losing money just with utilities alone, not even addressing payroll. This is a tense financial position to be in. Please pray for our loss of ministry opportunities and income to be only a part of our testimony of God’s faithfulness even during dire times.

  4. Fundraising - Thus we come to the most critical topic: fundraising. After prayerful research, we have begun a push to secure a large base of joyful monthly donors. We believe that this is the most faithful way we can secure the future of Waukaway. We know that a one-time fundraising effort might result in a large amount that may very well bridge the financial gap between now and when we can operate at capacity again; however, we also believe that regular, consistent support will create a solid foundation that Waukaway can stand on for years to come. Our hope is that this effort will outlast the pandemic and push this ministry into a thriving growing season. We have not been running a public campaign, per se, but have wanted to seek out these donors on a personal level. If you have not been personally contacted yet, but are feeling compelled to join us in financially supporting Waukaway on a monthly basis, please do not delay. Any amount that you can faithfully provide will not only help us retain our staff, but it will also ensure that Waukaway will be able to have a successful transition back into full swing when God allows. We know that not everyone will be able to give three or four figures a month, but do not underestimate what the power of even just $5 a month can do. Remember what Jesus did with the loaves and the fish - your gift may feed 5,000. Please let God multiply your sacrifice. Choose to join us today by either clicking here to set up a recurring Paypal donation, call us at (601) 787-3100 to set up an arraignment, or mail your check to 189 Co Rd 2351, Vossburg, MS 39366. May God show you what part you can play in this ministry. We know He is faithful, and we know He can do abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20-21), and we are praying for this to be made manifest here at Waukaway as we seek His glory. Please pray for God’s abundant provision to boldly supply all our needs, today and always.

We pray for each of you that read this update to be deeply touched by God’s personal presence and hope. May this blessing from the Lord to Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites be true for you today:

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. - Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)

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