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Waukaway Family

There are so many companies that claim to be like a family - some even have the term in their main catchphrase, so what makes Waukaway different? Or are we just taking cues from these other businesses that claim to be nice and cozy, but really feel like the kind of family that is strictly DNA and no real relationship?

When we say Waukaway is like a family, I think it speaks the loudest to those who have worked here. Each summer we have the privilege of being joined by a team of young adults who serve shoulder to shoulder here for approximately 12 weeks. They live together, are trained together, pray together, and certainly laugh together. Ask any one of them: a summer here changes your whole life. You gain sisters and brothers, even an extra Mom and Dad (or several). It’s the nature of the summer. It’s intense, it’s raw, and you are vulnerable. You have to depend on each other, and in doing so break ground into relationships that are sealed on your heart with blood, sweat, and tears. YES - you annoy each other like real family, but there is the same kind of “he’s still my brother/sister” attitude that follows closely behind, ready to defend them a split second after they've gotten on your nerves. You cheer each other on when the days are extra long, are proud when they pass their lifeguarding test, or cry with them when they get bad news from home - you live life knitted together. You’re family.

In a similar way, we really do view our guests as family too. Many of our guests are comfortable calling us on the carpet when something didn’t go quite to plan. Some of our guest group leader’s numbers are saved in our personal cell phones, are sounding boards when we consider changes, and what’s more family-like than to ask each other for favors (or money!). In all seriousness, we try to welcome each group here as if they are a treasured family member who we are so glad to see again (or meet for the first time). We celebrate with you over what your group is able to do here, and stand beside you when opposition presents itself. We try to open our “home” up and serve from a heart-felt joy of our shared brotherhood in Christ - celebrating our unique traditions and practices that make our groups both individual but also bonded together.

Romans 12:5 puts in plainly:

“ in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

This verse is describing the body of Christ, and that is what we are. A big ‘ol camping body of Christ, eager to walk together toward Him, in unity and in grace.

We want you to join our family in these two senses: to be a part of the Family of Christ, but also to join our Waukaway family either by working with us, or allowing us to partner with your ministry as you serve.

Apply here or contact us to book a retreat. We promise not to really act like your crazy Aunt June… at least not right away.

P.S. - We have the BEST camp Mommas! You know who you are (RBS and JP), and you’re amazing.

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