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Welcome, Abbie!

Stepping into the guest coordinator roll is the newest member of our team, Abbie Leuthold. Waukaway is already being blessed with the organization, communication, and ministry skills Abbie is bringing to the table. We cannot wait for you to meet Abbie, so I asked her if we could highlight her through a little Q&A session, and she graciously agreed. Enjoy!

Who is Abbie?

I was born and raised in Alabama until I met my husband, Taylor, who is Associate Pastor of Youth and College at FBC Sharon. We are expecting our first baby in early 2021. We have two fur babies, Daisy and Queso, who keep us on our toes. Life is never boring in the Leuthold family. We spend the majority of our time with the youth and college, or with our families. In my free time, I enjoy “finding beauty in the broken”, meaning I love to find something broken, and craft it into something new.

What are you most excited about with regard to Waukaway/camping ministry?

Starting this new adventure in ministry while also enjoying what I love—spending time outdoors.

If you had to pick a TV or movie character that best represents you, who would you pick and why?

I actually had to ask my husband to answer this one for me. I often find it hard to describe myself when others see a version of me that I can’t see myself. His answer was hilarious, but honest, and I felt it was necessary to share it. He chose a character from our favorite tv show that we watched since we were little kids. He said I was Topanga from “Boy Meets World” because I was sweet, smart, STUBBORN, and determined to get what I want. He was so honest and so correct. However, if I am Topanga, then he definitely is a “Cory” and it all makes sense.

Which would you choose: a museum or a theme park? Why?

I love both, so I always feel like a good compromise would be Disney World. Disney has always held a place in my heart, especially since my parents took us there almost every year growing up. At Disney, you can get the theme park while also enjoying museum-like features in some parks.

What is your favorite verse or Bible story and why?

This is a hard one. I believe it is a tie between Ruth and Daniel, but I will go with Ruth for today. I always read Ruth through the eyes of Ruth. However, I recently read it through the eyes of Naomi and I will never be the same. Naomi went through a time of great trials and loss, such as losing her sons and her husband. She lost everything that she had and even changed her name. However, even during the times of heartbreak and just pure devastation, she was ready to follow where God led her. She still loved Ruth as her own, which showed when Ruth was told to go home to be with family and she still wanted to stay with Naomi. During her time of faithfulness, God brought her to Bethlehem at the beginning of harvest. Why was harvest so important? Because he brought her at the beginning of harvest, which is a time of fullness. Them returning to Bethlehem was a sign from God. I actually have a whole blog post on this on my site—I can talk on Ruth and Naomi all day, so I might as well move on to the next question.

What is one of your goals for serving in this role?

I just want to be able to tell of God and serve Him to the best of my abilities.

What encouragement do you have for our blog followers today?

Something that I often found myself doubting is “Am I where I am supposed to be?” This was an occurring question I dealt with daily. I had to release control of my own life and give it all to God. Always trust that God is using you the best way he sees fit. He will not lead you astray. He is ALWAYS faithful.

Abbie is a breath of fresh air for our team and a very capable servant leader. I hope you are able to connect with her soon, welcome her to the Waukaway Family, and begin thinking about that camp name she needs (no, we haven’t started calling her Topanga… yet…) Pray for a smooth transition and for her growing family!

(I’m also happy for another lady to keep the boys in check!)

- Prism

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We are so excited to serve alongside you during these powerful faith building days. God has a wonderful plan for Waukaway...Welcome to The Family!!!

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