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What’s Up with “Open Weekend” 2020?

We are so excited to announce the dates for this year’s Open To The Public Weekend: Friday and Saturday, June 26th and 27th, 2020. We are beyond excited about this event and want everyone to mark their calendars early and make plans to bring your whole crew out for a fabulous time. Make sure to check out the frequently asked questions below and get in contact with us if you have any further questions. We cannot wait to have you here!


  • Why is Open Weekend not on the Fourth of July like it used to be? And why are you only open to the public once a year? Very valid questions - and they deserve answering. You see, while we celebrate and honor the tradition and history of our swimming area, our retreat ministry is the primary focus of Waukaway. During the summer we are literally fully booked all summer long and have decided to adjust the dates for our Open Weekend so that it would allow the most opportunity for ministry. Whenever possible we will attempt to have open weekend on the Fourth, but will not sacrifice ministry opportunities if they are present. This is also the reason that we are having this event on a Friday/Saturday this year, and not a Saturday/Sunday like previous years. Why aren’t we open to the public more? We want to preserve the privacy of our guest groups and maintain the swimming area as an asset to the ministry here, not a competing service.

  • Are there bathrooms? Yes! There is a bathhouse near the swimming area with both shower stalls and restroom facilities.

  • Why do you charge money? We charge $10 a person (six years and older), or a maximum of $50 for a family to cover the cost of our staffing needs. We typically have 7-8 paid lifeguards on duty at any one time, plus additional others that are on a scheduled break to keep them physically able to focus while on duty. We also have other administrative staff working that weekend, food service prep, facility cleanup, and consumable depletion that those fees help offset.

  • Do you provide and/or require life jackets? We do require all children five and under to wear life jackets at all times while in the water during this event. All guests, regardless of age, are also required to wear life jackets while using our boats. We will provide these life jackets on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • What food is available that weekend? We plan to sell hamburgers and hotdogs, baked beans, chips, pickles, ice cream, candy, and drinks.

  • Are coolers allowed to be brought in? Yes, coolers are allowed to be brought in with snacks and drinks. But please remember this is a family event and alcohol is not allowed on the grounds.

  • Do you allow two-piece bathing suits? We do expect very modest swimwear; two-piece bathing suits must be “tankini”-style (where the top is long enough to touch the bottoms). Waukaway reserves the right to ask guests to wear a shirt/tank top over their bathing suit if it does not follow these guidelines.

  • Are pets allowed? No pets are allowed for the safety and peace of mind for all guests.

  • Are guests allowed to bring canopy tents? This has been a tradition and will continue with the provision of first-come, first-served and space is limited.

If there are other questions you have, PLEASE comment below or email us and we will do our best to answer them. We truly hope you come join us!

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