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Why Work at Waukaway?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I remember when I first started thinking about working at a summer camp. There is a camp about 30 minutes from where I grew up in Pennsylvania that has a long history with the church we went to, and where my mother had also grown up going to. My parents made sure my sister and I had the chance to go to that camp as soon as we were old enough (now, as a parent myself, I see how much of a win-win that decision was!). From there, I was hooked. As soon as I was old enough to work, I jumped at every chance. This resulted in my employment there nine summers in a row - right up until the week before I got engaged to the man I would marry… The man who now is the Interim Director here - the reason we moved 650+ miles from Indiana to Mississippi.

Summer camp changes people.

If you follow our social media, we’ve shared before that the biggest change in people that come to Waukaway is not in our campers - though that change can be incredibly significant (salvation and baptism obviously trumping what I am about to share) - but there is just a different kind of intensity when you work here.

I’ll let a few of our 2019 summer staffer’s testimonies speak for themselves:

The staff at Waukaway not only allowed but encouraged me to jump right in and engage in my faith. Being surrounded by my fellow “staff” (AKA the fastest close friends I’ve ever made) definitely challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and strive to be better not for my sake but to honor God. Going back to school and being in a different environment has been hard, and I miss them immensely. However, I am still learning how to take lessons from camp and apply them in my everyday life. - Artemis

After coming from a working situation that was less than ideal, I was scared and extremely hesitant to open up to a new group. I was so scared of being let down again, and then, through a lot of prayer and submitting myself to God, I finally let go. I let go of the desire to be perfect, and I let myself be vulnerable - to be seen as someone who struggled and questioned God. I opened up to specific people and, eventually, I even opened up to a whole room of young adults. It was the most beautifully, terrifying thing I've ever done. Without Waukaway I am confident that these breakthroughs would have never happened. - Nightingale

Waukaway changed my life because I was able to walk unashamed. I’ve always been open about my faith but I’m not sure if I was just absolutely bold and unashamed. I was pushed to preach the word of God at Waukaway. At first, I was very reluctant because I thought I was not worthy enough to do it. However, I was able to speak to hundreds of people because I knew where my strength came from. Now I walk in such a manner that I don’t back away from any challenge that sets before me. Thank you, Waukaway, for making me Unashamed. - Kalla

So what about YOU?

  • Is it time for you to submit your application?

  • Is there someone you need to tell about this opportunity?

  • Do you have a group of kids you minister to that need to sign up for summer camp?

  • Or maybe you are in the position to support our ministry financially?

I’m not sure what God has for you in order to be involved here, but I pray that you would be willing to say “yes.” Summer camp changes people, will it be you?

- Prism (Trista)

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